Hawaiian Gold Tilapia Fingerlings

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Hawaiian Gold Tilapia (Oreochromis Mossambicus)

Gold varieties of Mozambique Tilapia have been cultured in Hawaii for over 20 years. Most varieties were rather slow growers and had disappointing fillet yields. However, they were hardy fish and had beautiful color. We began working with gold/orange colored Mozambique strains in 2008, improving them through selective breeding and aggressive culling. The end result of this work is the Hawaiian Gold, a tilapia with extremely consistent coloration, fast growth and exceptional disease resistance. They are a GMO free pure strain that will breed true for generation after generation. They are also a very easy tilapia strain to breed on a small scale, making them an excellent choice for home growers who are seeking a sustainable fish for their growing systems. Mozambique Tilapia are responsible for roughly 60% of the commercial tilapia production in Hawaii. There are dozens of Mozambique Tilapia strains in Hawaii, but our Hawaiian Gold is considered to be the best of breed, outperforming other Mozambique strains. Hawaiian Golds have proven to be the fastest growing Mozambique Tilapia strain we have ever worked with. As a result, we can confidently recommend them for use in commercial systems, backyard aquaculture systems and aquaponics setups.

If this is your first time raising tilapia, we recommend seriously considering the Hawaiian Golds as your strain of choice. They are a fantastic strain for beginners. For experienced growers, the Hawaiian Golds make for an "easy keeper" and an extremely high demand fish when sold live or whole on ice.

We ship mixed sex fish, which means you'll get roughly a 50/50 mix of both males and females. * Fast growing. * Highly disease resistant. * No artificial genetic modification (GMO FREE). * Hormone free. * High consumer appeal. * Pure line, so will breed true generation after generation.