Blue Tilapia Fingerlings

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Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis Aureus)

Blue Tilapia are considered to be a very good all purpose tilapia. They grow fast (second only to Niles), produce excellent tasting fillets and are known to tolerate colder water temperatures than many other tilapia strains. They are often selected by those who live in cooler climates, due to their ability to tolerate short periods of extremely low water temperatures as adults (down to 45 degrees F).

Blue tilapia are omnivores but have a strong herbivorous tendency, preferring aquatic plants and algae when readily available. Because of this trait, Blue Tilapia are often a top choice for those wishing to stock tilapia in earth basin ponds, in states/areas they are allowed. They are highly effective at controlling nuisance aquatic plants, and due to their extremely high fecundity (reproduction rate), also provide exceptional forage for predator fish like largemouth bass when stocked in fishing ponds. Many pond owners seeking to produce trophy bass stock blue tilapia annually as part of their trophy bass management plan. Blue Tilapia are also an excellent selection for aquaponics and backyard aquaculture systems. They are a very forgiving fish when it comes to less than ideal water quality parameters and temperature extremes.

Our Blue Tilapia are GMO and hormone FREE. We ship mixed sex fish, so you will get a mix of males and females.